Why Choose Us?

SytiqHub Educational Services (P) Ltd.(SES) is founded in 2018. SytiqHub is one of the start-up in A.P integrated to provide technical services for the youngsters. SytiqHub has enriched courses to learn by Internship programs, In-plant Trainings. SES also offer Project guidance to bring the industrial experience for the students and help them finally to complete their “Dream Project”.

Production development 60%
Technical Mentor training 90%
Workplace environment 80%
Placement oppurtunities 40%

Our Services

SytiqHub (SES) Offers top-notch services as a start-up to improve the productivity & technicality in latest technologies.

Product Development

SytiqHub practising to acheive the products for critical problems to meet marketing resources.


SytiqHub will always share and innovate technical aspects with students from various colleges.

Inplant Trainings

SytiqHub will provide short term trainings on latest technologies which help to learn soon.

Project Guidance

SytiqHub help students to implement a dream project work in various sectors of governance and train to acheive the best results.


SytiqHub will take an oppurtunity of networking with students and run healthy competitions by organising in colleges.

Industrial Meet-ups

SytiqHub maintain comprehensive and customised standards Meet-ups equalising with the industrial standards.



Satisfied students
Projects Assistance
College Clients

Career Guidance Advice

We help our clients/students effectively to choose their own technical capabilities by their interest & compound thier future.